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The word Ďgreatí, defined as something of outstanding significance or importance, is also listed as an adjective in the dictionary. An adjective is a word that is used to describe something in accordance to someoneís opinion. The word Ďgreatí when viewed subjectively has a very positive connotative association. If put in a different context though, the word could have a totally different connotation. For instance the phrase, "a great divide", gives one a feeling of vastness that cannot be crossed. "What Makes America Great"? In my opinion, America is great because of the laws that govern it and the society that defines it.

America, the land of the free, has been called the greatest democracy in the world. Imagine the greatest democracy in the world. Thatís a pretty powerful statement that seems to be so "great". Try to imagine, if you will, living in a country where a majority not set out to represent everyone governs a minority, but to better things for themselves. Imagine a country that is so "great" that it turns its back to a small minority of people who are different and need it. Imagine a country deemed America. Democracy, proposed as a great idea, does not exist in America. Americaís democracy doesnít allow everyone to create a government to oversee and protect them; Americaís democracy suppresses minorities who donít hold enough weight as a whole to make a difference.

What a great country America is with itís big companies, itís marvels of architecture in steel cities, itís powerful military arm that reaches the globe, and itís wonderful society. Americaís mainstream society is oriented around the select few out of millions who have the "right stuff" to control major factors. Americaís society is one of temporary fixes then a forgetting of the problem that still lies under the surface. America, a country where a man can sit in torn rags with a cup receiving quarters from those who "made his life that much better". With a very small sign of compassion just to make someone feel better until we forget the problems we, as Americans, face; this is how we model our lives, quick fixes for large problems. We as Americans do not fix problems; we simply make them more tolerable until they are hardly noticeable in our daily lives. This is what makes Americaís society great.

America, my country, my home, our problem, a country with that is so greatly crumbling below our feet as the sands of time flow into the bottom of the hourglass. A country that governs the world when what it really needs is to govern its people with a fair hand. A country that needs to look at itself and focus on what is needed between its two great shores. A country that is the model of what the world will become.